We love all of the films that are being screened at SSAFF 2015! If you just can’t watch all of them, here’s some help from the SSAFF 2015 Programming Committee!  

10th SSAFF Trailer



Kiran Dhillon
Festival Director

Kiran’s Top 5 Picks

“I love watching all kinds of movies, as long as they’re not horror, too graphic or too dark! I have a special place for Science Fiction and movies based on British Literature.  I see movies as not only an escape but a space to explore the human condition, as it deals with love, family, personal growth and history.”

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Rajesh Korde SSAFF Marketing & Website Teams
Rajesh Korde
SSAFF Marketing & Website Team

Rajesh’s Top 5 Picks

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed watching all sorts of films, all the way from hardcore action flicks to raw thought-provoking documentaries. Left to my own devices, I tend to gravitate towards sci-fi and suspense genres. What I love about films is that it can enunciate, articulate and ultimately enrich parts of your emotional vocabulary that would otherwise go untouched in your everyday life.”

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Alka Kurian Festival Co-Director

Alka Kurian
Festival Co-Director

Alka’s Top 5 Picks

“Movies take me directly into the lives of others – their struggles, passions, and predicaments – that I know little about. I love being startled by perspectives that I had never thought about. Whether located in the immediacy of my world or in distant places, stories help me make sense of the world. I am always learning, always looking for more.”

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Bharati Ravi Festival Coordinator

Bharati Ravi
Festival Coordinator

Bharati’s Top 5 Picks

“I love watching films of different genre from across the world. A good movie for me is like having my favorite glass of wine! Movies and books provide nourishment to my soul!! Some of the films that have left a lasting impression on me include The Godfather trilogy, Memento, Crash, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron and, more recently, 3 Idiots.”

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