Tasveer South Asian Film Festival is the largest South Asian film festival in the world. Seeking to provide a counterpoint to the images and stories prevalent in main stream South Asia and Bollywood, the festival encourages an atmosphere of thoughtful dialogue and creative inquiry, where filmmakers and audiences engage in lively discussions, forums, and other collaborative interactive formats. In 2017, the festival will screen 58 films and welcome 3000 attendees over 11 days, in 5 cities.

While Nepal is the festival focus for 2017 and the festival theme is #WeBelong, TSAFF 2017 will include films–shorts, experimental films, documentaries, and narratives of any length–on themes related to South Asia in its entirety: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the various diasporas across the world. Films with a focus on issues of human rights and social justice will be a highlight of the festival again this year.

Questions? Email us or call 206.349.4478.

2017 Festival Staff

Festival Director: Rita Meher
Programming Director: Kiran Dhillon
Festival Manager: Tameem Ansari
Marketing Lead: Nidhi Chaudhry
Community Partnership: Smeeta Hirani & Seyyada Burney
Sponsorship Lead: Khenrab Palden
Symposium Lead: Alka Kurian, Keith Snodgrass, Maya Magarati, Pasang Sherpa, Nalini Iyer
Programming Lead TasVR: Soumita Bhattacharya

Nepal Country Advisor
Maya Magarati

Festival Publicist
Michelle Leyva

Programming Committee
Nalini Reddy
Srivatsava Sreedhara
Jayanika Lawrence
Jayant Gupchup
Paramita Ghosh
Abhishek Kulkarni
Rajesh Korde
Rasanga Weerasinghe

Marketing and Communications
Nidhi Chaudhry
Jayant Gupchup
Smeeta Hirani
Seyyada Burney
Sumathi Raghavan
Nikhil Ghodke (creator, TSAFF Bumper)

Sumathi Raghavan
Tameem Ansari
Pooja Galgali
Devyani Charde

Content Writers
Alka Kurian
Pasang Sherpa

Festival Coordinators
Yolekha Mallier
Uzma Khan
Prachi Vora

Guest Liaison
Shannon Kohli

Tasveer Board
Rita Meher, Co-founder and Executive Director, Tasveer
Farah Nousheen, Co-founder, Tasveer
Alka Kurian, Board President
Archana Soy
Debadutta Dash
Shahina Piyarali
Sheraz Malik
Uzma Khan
Prachi Vora (Incoming)