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Partition Program

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25th | 2PM | CARCO THEATER, RENTON |  The partition of the Indian Subcontinent took place over 60 years ago along mostly religious lines. Hindus and Sikhs from present day Pakistan and Bangladesh were to migrate to present day India and Muslims were to migrate to present day Pakistan and Bangladesh. This was… Read more »

The Politics of Filmmaking in South Asia

SSAFF brings meaningful and thought-provoking cinema from South Asia with a focus on social issues dealing with, among others, gender, sexuality, religion, nationalism, casteism, racism, neo-liberalism, and imperialism. 2015 is the tenth anniversary of SSAFF. We mark this important milestone by hosting a symposium on ‘The Politics of Filmmaking in South Asia’, in collaboration with the… Read more »

  • 10th Seattle South Asian Film Festival

    Tasveer is proud to present the 10th Seattle South Asian Film Festival (SSAFF) from October 15th-25th, 2015, the longest, largest & most diverse South Asian festival in the US. SSAFF will feature thought-provoking, independent films that shed light on women’s issues, human rights, LGBT issues, politics and art from South Asia and its diaspora. The… Read more »